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However, the original actor who played Melchior left the musical midway through the production, thus allowing Joo Won to perform later on in the production.

His performance in Spring Awakening caught the attention of his future agency, Sim Entertainment.

about which he explained, "There was the period when I was at the army and also the period I promoted with Shinhwa.

It wasn't that I was purposely not appearing in any dramas, but Shinhwa promotions were important.

This musical role was a first of many to come, as he later appeared in other musicals, namely Singles, Grease, Sinsangnam, and most notably, Spring Awakening.

Originally, Joo Won was the understudy for Melchior in Spring Awakening.

Im Joo Hwan is playing a human character and from his list in the first stills likely the antagonist.

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The CEO of an interior design company, Tae-ha is a smart, confident man with a strong competitive edge who always gets what he wants.The handkerchief is very important to him and he begins looking for it.Later, Kim Bok-Joo cleans and irons the handkerchief.Upon making it into college, Joo Won's father came up with the stage name "Joo Won" for him as the Hangul pronunciation of the name sounds similar to "God-willing".With his love for singing, he became involved in Frees, a co-ed television performance group formed by SBS as part of a children's TV program.

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